So. You’re planning a website and you want it to be the Best Church Website it can possibly be!?


You’ve got a lovely blank canvas in front of you!  You know that you want to display your church in the best possible light, but you’re now completely unsure of what to add.

Well fear not! We are here to help. We want to give you the 7 MUST HAVES For Creating the Best Church Website!

 So, Let’s begin!

1. Your Location!

Your location is very valuable to your visitors! How else will they find you? It’s a great idea to have your address and possibly any extra information, should your church be hard to find.

We also recommend having your location listed on Google Maps! People can be strongly influenced by location, so waste no time in getting your location clearly visible on the best church website.

Once you’ve listed your church on Google make sure you do the ‘Google Maps test.’ 

Hop in the car, grab your flat white coffee and go to your church. Make sure follow the directions Google tells you, because if you end up in the wrong place then so will many of your visitors. Not something you want from the best church website

This is also extremely important to have a location on your website. Search engines love location so having your location will help drive up your SEO and your Google ranking – especially in your local area, Provence or State.

Showing extra details with regards to parking, public transport really help views be able to decide on how they can get to your church in the best way possible.

2. Your Invitation (and your Service Times)

Kind of a 2 in one here! It is a very obvious one to add your service times to the best church website.

I love a party or a casual meet up. If I only get told “be there at 7,” I’m still going to be asking a few questions about what on earth we will be doing that night. If i tell my girlfriend we have plans I need to give her more details so she can plan her outfit. 

How you treat your invitation can make be the deciding factor to someone turning up to your church.

I could go to the street and tell 100 people “10am this Sunday @ Churchington Church, Churchville.”

But then I’m not going to get anything than an “Excuse me?” Because you’re looking to invite people to your church it’s so important that you actually INVITE them! 

Have a think about who it is you’re looking to bring into your church and how you can speak their language to invite them. If you’re a church of 150 members. Then you’ve got 150 people who speak that language.


3. Images that are actually of your church! 

 *(Now, I know for the purpose of this demo I have used stock images. That is because it is only a demonstration. Sorry)

We all love a good royalty free image of a couple laughing beside the beach drinking a flat white soy latte making us feel all fuzzy because they’re in love and enjoying life. Or a church steeple with the sun setting behind it making you go “Wow, that’s stunning!”

But the best church website has to reflect YOUR Church. If you have incredible images of a building that isn’t yours, with people who don’t go to your church – then you aren’t actually showing off your church!

If you have images of youth throughout your site even though your youngest member is Ronald with a pacemaker then hen someone turns up to your church looking for the demographic they saw from the website then they are immediately are going to feel like they don’t fit in. Even though they thought it might have been the perfect church for them.

Photograph the heart of your church, The people in it. (I’m sure you can find at least some who won’t break the camera) If you are a family church with a load of children looking to attract families then take pictures of your families. If your worship is traditional and your congregation is less than 50 then don’t add images from Coldplay’s last gig.

(Make sure you do go through the correct protocol when photographing people and make sure you have their permission or a parent’s permission for children.)

Also images are a great great thing for your SEO! Get snappy.

4. Your Values!

When it comes to churches we work with, if you Love God and look to serve him through your church -We are all for you.

Many churches will have different beliefs, interpretations and traditions when it comes to the way they do certain things in certain ways. This is great because it allows all different people to fund their place within God’s family – The Church.

So it’s really important that you outline, ‘Who your church is and what you believe?’ (Hot topics may include, Resurrection, Baptism, Communion, etc…)

This part is not so that people can judge you. It’s so that you match up with the right people. People who are for you and have the same idea of the bible as you do.

It’s so that the people who are looking for a church like yours find it.

This is something that very much has to come from the Leadership of your church showing what you would like to display.

5. Events!

Now events are great in many different ways! They show… 

– What’s available in the life of your church during the week

– How someone could see themselves getting more connected and making friends and relationships within the community.

– Your SEO will love the updates

– You’ll be able to share these things via social media

and really importantly,

– It’s a great way to show that you’re still operating

Your service times may not have changed in 20 years but your events should be changing frequently with one off events or seasonal events. This is a great way to show that you’re up to date.

If your last event was Christmas 2015 then there is a very high chance visitors will assume you stopped running in late 2015 as it is the most recent update you have had.

In our last post we talk about keeping yourselves updated and why it’s vital for your church, you can read the entry here!  | 

Read : The 4 Critical Reasons Why Your Church Needs An Updated Website  

(But wait till your done reading this one first!)


6. Story Telling

When someone is looking to join a church the real question they will be asking themselves is “Do I see myself here?”

Storytelling from a couple of your resident churchgoers, key volunteers or fresh faced newbies is a great way to display how others felt when joining your church. 

Stories help us relate and empathise with one another. They are experiences, just the stories of everyday people walking though life with God and their church. 

We will have some great coverage on what makes a good story and why they are an effective way to reach people who are a great fit for your church. 

We have some great tips for you from Pro Church Tools on why storytelling is so key and how you can get started!


7. Blog! (with Media!)

A blog. Some people love writing, some love reading. Either way blogs are a great way to boost your SEO and keep your website up to date with your community and potential visitors.

In some local areas if you write a blog once a week you’ll fly up the google charts and be seen as the best church Website according to google.

It’s up to you what you want to write about. 

Examples include adding your recorded sermons. This is a great place to add them with perhaps a summary or keynotes of Sunday’s sermon. If anyone has missed your sermons it’s a great place for them to catch up.

Blogs are also great place to add some storytelling, testimonials, updates from overseas workers, summary of events that have taken place. Blogs are a very easy way of organising your content and keeping your SEO rising strongly without having to go in and edit every page within your website. And they are easily shareable on your social media to keep everyone connected.

Hope You’ve enjoyed this post and you’re able to create an incredible website for your church

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