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When it comes to your hosting it's really important to get an exceptional service for an incredible cost. Inmotion is one of he best hosting packages you can get your hands on.

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Inmotion Hosting

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  • 2x Speed!

    Work faster withInmotion as you use their boosted server allowing you to work twice as fast as your competitors when it comes to creating your work.

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  • Free Domain Name!

    Get a free domain name with Inmotion hosting when arriving at their website through Website Built By You.

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  • 99.9% Upkeep

    When a server fails your website will be offline potentially losing you business. Inmotions upkeep is the best I could find without paying corporate industry figures!

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  • Save 25% off Power Plan

    Save you'll save yourself 25% on their pro package! Allowing you multiple websites and a boosted server allowing you 2x speed allowing you to work faster! Still only $7.99 a month!

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Purchase Inmotion Hosting and Install WordPress

Step by Step guide to purchasing the best hosting plan for you with instructions on how to get set up with with hosting and WordPress.

Purchase Hosting!

1. Click here to head to Inmotion

2. Webhosting > Wordpress Hosting

3. Choose package with 1year or 2year plan

4. Choose domain you with to buy (It's free with your plan) then add to cart or enter the domain name you wish to add to your website.

4a. If buying a new domain. Inmotion will suggest you make your domain private and they'll charge you $9.99 for it. It's up to you whether you want to keep it private. I personally don't think it's necessary so save yourself the money and remove the domain privacy from your cart. If you get asked again just click "No Thank you"

5. Configure Server - You'll be asked to select either an East Coast US or West Coast US option. I personally don't believe it matters too much but wherever you are in the world it's best to select the one closest to your location.

5a. Content Management Installer - Select Install Wordpress!

6. As a new customer enter your email address. (once you've made the purchase you'll receive your password via email)

7. Fill out your details and Card payment. In the referred by enter “

8. Review Order and confirm!


1. From your email, open the email titled “Welcome to Inmotion hosting” > click “To get started, set your password here”

2. Set your password

3. Make sure you’re in the AMP (Account management Panel) > Scroll down to “Install Popular software”

4. Click “Install Wordpress”

5. Cpannel login - You’ll be given a user name and now create a password. This will be the login for when you login to your website. You can keep it the same as your AMP login or change it.

6. Chose Protocol - For all eCommerce websites I’d recommend you chose “HTTPS://” if you aren’t wishing to sell anything then HTTP:// is sufficient. It’s up to you whether you would like your website to have ‘www.’ before your domain. (I personally don’t)

6a. Choose Domain - Choose your domain

6b. In Directory - Leave this blank

6c. Site Settings - Site Name - Give your site a name. Your business name is the usual for this (You can change the site Name at any point later on)

6d Site description - A few words about what your website is. (This can be changed later on)

6e Enable Multisite (WPMU)- Leave unchecked

6f. Admin account. Give yourself a username and password.

6g. Email- You can change to your usual email or create an for your domain to use as a login.

6h. Select language

6i. Tick if you would like your account frozen after multiple incorrect login attempts

6j. Advanced options. - leave as is unchecked for now.

6k Enter original email to have all these details sent to you.

6l. Click Install

7 Once install has completed click from this page or your email that you’ve received from Wordpress.

8. Login with your created details (also found in your email from wordpress)


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