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Helping churches grow in the way start-ups begin!

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What's Going On? Who's this Guy?

Hello. My name is Ed and I'm here because I love my church and want to see churches everywhere grow and impact their local areas.

For years now I’ve found myself working in the pre-development stages of a start-up business. Whether that's through my career, jobs, or that people just seem to ask me questions because they know that's what I do well. 

While I may be getting paid by start-up businesses, I devote my other time and energy into helping my church. From Sundays to weekdays I use my digital marketing skills to help bring people a little closer to Jesus. 

Now I am looking to combine my skills learned from helping pioneer start-up businesses to helping churches see growth and attract new visitors from their local area! 



"The Church Experiment is to see if the same structure that is used in helping businesses engage more with customers can enable churches to reach more people with the message of Jesus."


What's going to happen?...

"I'm looking to use a number of different forms of marketing techniques, including an innovative landing page that dedicated to placing more people in your congregation."

So How Does This Work?

Well. It's an experiment. And you may have even tried experimenting before. But not like this.

In the start-up and the small business world, fighting for Google's traffic is a mighty high competition! Yet in churches, we don't tend to utilize these methods to open our doors to a new audience. EVEN THOUGH more and more people are using the internet to search for churches.

Did you know that 74%of people say they feel more impacted to attend a church based on their website?

This is not the first time a church will have run an ad campaign. But perhaps not anything quite like this.


Are we putting our churches valuable and hard given money into an untested experiment?

NOPE! This experiment is not going to cost you a penny! But could see many people in your local area get saved.

You'll get a:

  • Landing Page built for your church
  • Free Marketing credits
  • And some new faces in your church for you to introduce to Jesus!


How is this possible?

As I mentioned before, this is an experiment which works very well in the start up world. However, churches aren't start ups. We are churches. Once the method and this becomes a success, the package will be rolled out to other churches and be an available resource!

Who I Need?

I need a few different churches willing to participate. I want to experiment with each one a little differently, so we can validate the research and optimise a program for churches looking for new visitors across the globe. But if there were a couple of qualifications, you'll need to be...

Have Room For New Visitors

Every church wants growth of some kind, but if you're at a stage where you're struggling to fit your current congregation into your meeting space, then this experience may make things difficult for you.

A Way Of Tracking The Success Of Your Growth.

If you have an eagle eyed welcome team ready to spot newbies or a coffee house and are willing to give away a few free coffees then we can easily track who has attended your church via this program. Perhaps you have a free resource or course your church runs. We are always open to new ideas and it's great to see what works and what doesn't at getting the interest of people to come to church.

Interest in Participating in this Experiment? We'd love to have you


Fill out this google form and we'll be in touch. Unfortunately we aren't going to be able to use everyone for this. But I'll be in touch regardless and once an opportunity arises I'll be straight to you.

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