Create the best health and fitness website | Website built by youWhether you’re a bodybuilding coach, pilates instructor or just wanting to create a program to help the world shed a few pounds it’s vital to make sure you’ve got a great website behind you to build your brand and increase your following. That why I’ve got for you, “What You Need To Create The Very Best Fitness Website”

To have a healthy balance in life we are told to balance Work, Family, Friendships, Spirit, and Health. Leading author John Maxwell put it as. You have 5 balls, “Work, Family, Friendships, Spiritual being, and Health.” Everything is a glass ball. Except for work. Work is a rubber ball. You can drop it and pick it back up. However, drop anything else the balls become scratched and blemished on the surface. One of those glass balls, health!

Health is regarded as one of the most important aspects of life. Yet not everyone realises the implications. However, if you’re reading this you’re possibly a PT, fitness coach, instructor or health coach. You are the people who know how important health and fitness is to the rest of us. So let’s build you the best fitness website for you to go out and help change the world!


So what do you include in the best fitness website?

I’ve created a website which for you! Yes, you are able to go away and create for the website for yourself. It’s my gift for you.  Here You’ll be able to create an attractive website dedicated to the program you’ve created. Whether you’re creating a bodybuilding coach for the elite or want to help the average joe lose a few pounds then you’ll be able to create your ideal website for your program with the help of this website tutorial and handy guide.

Watch: Website Tutorial | COMING SOON! | Before July 29th | Step by Step tutorial on how to build the best fitness website for your business


1.  The Right Images

Imagery is rather vital for any website. Especially the best fitness website! I’m going to talk you through display images throughout your website. Images to use as covers for your programs or throughout your website to break up the text. (This is not images when it comes to a demonstration of how to do a particular exercise.)


So Two things you’ll definitely need.

  • Images of you!
  • Images related to your program!


Now, Images of you. That’s fairly straight forwards. Images of you instructing and just being yourself really help build trust and give your visitors more of an idea of who you are and what you are all about. But your program. The images you want to display are very much related to “How you want your customer to feel when finishing the program.”

If you want to build a heavy cardio program that your customers are going to want to go through hell to achieve that ultimate goal of achievement. It’s vital you use images of people going through that exhausting program but also show how they feel after they’ve finished. Exhausted smiles. Nothing cheesy like arms spread wide on top of a mountain top.

And on the opposite, if you are want to build a light program for the enjoyment you want to use images of people exercising with the enjoyment throughout.

People relate themselves to the images on websites.

If you can picture yourself as the person in the picture then you’re more likely to relate to the content and make a purchase.

Create The Best Fitness Website | Website built by You Health and fitness Homepage

If I’m looking to double in size I don’t want to be seeing people shedding weight on a treadmill. I want to be the guy lifting more than you think he should be able to. And vice versa.

So don’t turn people off your website by having images of people you’re not trying to attract.

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Create The Best Fitness Website | Website built by You Health and fitness Programs

2.  What’s Your Goal?

When it comes to health and fitness you don’t need to pay attention too long before you start to hear the term “goals.”

You will be setting targets and goals for your clients. They’ll have their own personal goals. But what is the goal you are looking to achieve with your clients? Because they will want to know!

Create The Best Fitness Website | Website built by You Health and fitness | Adam Cobb Example

Adam Cobb makes his goals very clear. He wants his customers to have a much better sense of well-being. The use of “Move well, eat well, think well” and “Live healthy and happy.” He’s not saying that you’re going to be a starting athlete in next seasons athletics championships but he is saying that with his program you can have a reformed lifestyle with food and fitness at the core.

People know what they want to achieve (even if it’s kept deep down) but they want to know if you are the person that can help them achieve their goals. Are you capable in other words?

Make sure you tell your website visitors what you want for them. This will sit well with your niche and the people you don’t wish to work with will find someone who’s better for them.

So explain on your homepage exactly what you’re in the game for!

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3.  Testimonials

Testimonials are a key. We’ve just looked at what your goals are. You’ve talked about how well you can achieve the goals of your client’s desires. But it’s time to get another opinion for those who are sceptical.

When building a selling a program you need to build trust to show that you’re the woman/ man for the job. Having a client to write a testimonial allows visitors to visualise themselves as one of your clients. When choosing a service of any kind if I see the result someone else achieved which I’m looking for, then it seems like a no brainer to sign up and start right away.

Create The Best Fitness Website | Website built by You Health and fitness Testimonials

So look at what the common goal is amongst your niche and get some previous client to write you a success story. No Clients yet? Find a friend who’s in your niche and train them for free or heavily discounted. By the end, you may find they want to pay you because you are that good!.


So Here are 3 things you need for your to create the best fitness website to get visitors in sync with what you’re all about!


Thanks for reading and I really hope you’ve learned something new and valuable for your health and fitness business.

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