We love churches! Hey it’s why we’re here today writing this. So why is keeping your website updated important?

Well. keeping your church website updated is even more important than having a website to begin with! And I’m going to show you why!

When looking for a church to attend. Most people will ask a peer about a church then resort to our good friend the internet. However, for many people coming from a far away land there are no peers to start off with. So it’s all down to who displays their church the best on google! Right?

Well, kind of. Just like attending a Sunday morning service, if someone finds you and they like what they see, they aren’t going to spend much more time looking elsewhere.

Now imagine if instead of coming to your church on Sunday morning they could see what life was like inside your church 24 hours a day 7 days a week before turning up? You guessed it, that’s what your website can do!

So why a website?

Well why would you use any website? To place it in it’s simplest form – We use websites to get “information.”

We use the internet to get all kinds of information.

What I want to buy, Which is the fastest route? What are the latest football scores? It’s all just information.

But a company uses a website to give you the information you desire but also to encourage you to keep coming back to them. Even if it looks like they aren’t selling anything they still want you to be on their website to lead to maybe another site that they’ll get paid by.

(sneaky hey?! By the way, you can click here to buy toilet duck once you’re done reading this.)

So at website built by you we use many of the same methods business use to acquire more business. Except we are trying to gather more church members for your church. (If that’s your goal we’ll be going over many different strategies in due course)

How does someone get to see what your church is like?

They can either attend on a Sunday morning! Or they can keep coming back to your website anytime 24/7 to get a feel for what Sunday morning at your church may bring them.

SO, let’s break this down. What are the reasons why your church not only needs a website. But need to be keeping your website updated.

Number 1…

We Exist!

You know you have existed since the day you unlocked the door to your first venue. Many people will drive past your church everyday, but many wont. Or many people will look at your building wondering if anything ever goes on there.

The first part of having a website is to show that you in fact exist. When there’s no updated information about your church then how is anyone to know? So first things first, let the world know you’re alive and well.


Number 2…

We Still Exist!

So you’ve got your website and maybe a Facebook page, but you haven’t touched it in a few months or years. Well the last time you acknowledged your existence online is the last time that people were aware that you’re still operating. The longer that pause goes on for the less evidence there is that you are still a functioning church. So keeping your website updated is vital.


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We’re Reaching out!

We believe church isn’t just a Sunday morning activity, that’s why we want you to reach out before Sunday! By having attractive features, regularly updated posts, photos and other imagery and your service and events information for many people to see and come along to shows the life of your church. You can have great page that is visible to people on google which is going to bring you much more attention and therefore people who are looking for a church to go to. It’s like having a much wider invitation to your world.

 Finally, fourth…

What kind of church is this?

All churches are different. If your church is about loving God and people then we are all for you! But every church will have different values or how they want to see their unique visions come about, just like every individual person will have different values. Having a website is a great way for people to see if you are the right church for them. It is so vital that you get your message across.

So there are 4 quick reasons of why you need an updated church website.

We hope you get a feel of what we are trying to help you create.

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stay tuned for our upcoming guides, information, tips, tricks, trends all relating to growing your church’s online presence.

God Bless


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