Life Coaching Website Secrets That Will Grow Your New Business


Congratulations on becoming a Life coach! Whether you are devoting yourself to becoming a life coach full time or part time it’s super important to have a life coaching website in this day and age! I'm going to start showing you how you can grow your new business idea into a high converting reality!

80% of people say they are more likely to trust a small business with a website than a business without one. A life coaching website is a great place for potential customers to learn more about you. A great place to Learn to trust you. Then have the ability to use your services in their own time.

create your own life coaching website

Now begs the question of what do I place in my life coaching website?

A great way to look at a website is that it is a compressed summary of absolutely everything you do in order to convince potential consumers to use your service. Sounds intense right?

Well fortunately it’s not intense at all. Imagine your website is a real life the conversation you have when meeting someone for the first time. You both exchange names, how your day has been, maybe where you’re from. But more often than not you’ll get the question, “so what do you do for a living?” For many people this can be difficult. Especially when you’re starting out on a new career before you’ve made your first dollar.


Your life coaching website becomes that conversation.

  • Who are you?
  • What is it you do?
  • Who do you coach?
  • How do you go about coaching someone?
  • What is life coaching, Is it like counselling? (head in the hands moment but yes people will ask you this.)
  • What do you charge for something like this?

This is exactly what you’re trying to display in your life coaching website. What your looking to do is

Inform > Build Trust > Convert.


You’re looking to inform the world of what it is you do and what you have to offer. People looking for a life coach will come across your website and it’s up to you to give you the information they need to feel comfortable about using your services. There will be many people coming to your life coaching website. They’ll come in all shapes and sizes looking for different parts of information. Information that you’re going to have to provide to them. And I’m going to show you right now how you can do this in the best way possible!


Your Standout Homepage!

Your homepage is going to be one of the most important parts of your life coaching website. It’s so important that I had to dedicate its own entire blog post to it.

Your homepage will be very much the summary to all the parts of your life coaching service and your life coaching website. So learn how to

  • Use your Title and Subtitle to it’s greatest effect.
  • What to do with Images and how to chose them.
  • What sections you can’t do without.

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It’s All About You! - About Me” Page

life coaching website about you

You’ve created a business, started out a new career journey and devoted yourself to selling your created service. Why shouldn’t it be all about you? Well it’s actually very important to tell people about you. After all you’re convincing visitors to let you use NLP techniques to help them overcome big aspects of their lives.

Truth is people want to learn about you. It’s very hard to trust something when you don’t know who’s behind it and it’s very hard to trust someone who you know nothing about. Your “about me” page is key to building trust and putting your visitors at ease.

Things to include

  • Who are you?
  • Why you are a life coach and why are you providing this service?
  • How you are capable of producing results.
  • What else are you into? Connect on a personal level. We all have hobbies and other interests.
  • Be confident in yourself. You want your readers to be confident in you. If they’re not they’ll be searching for your competitors.


It’s All About Life Coaching - About Life Coaching” Page

Life Coaching Website - About NLP

Now that you’ve dedicated a page to yourself. You've shown why you are capable of performing such a service. You need to talk about why life coaching and NLP is a great solution. Hands up if you’ve ever been asked these questions?

  • What is a life coach?
  • What’s NLP?
  • Is it like counselling?
  • Is it just phycology?
  • Are you able to read my mind? (I’m the guy who asks this question, sorry)

People may have complete faith in you but not faith in your product or service. So it’s important to be able to outline these hovering questions. If visitors don’t know what they are getting into then they’re not going to put their hands in their wallets. No matter how lovely a person you may be.

I recommend writing a couple of paragraphs on a few headings. Think about Answering the questions you get asked when talking to someone about what you do and place them straight into your life coaching website. If people are asking these questions to you in person. You can be sure many of your visitors will be having the same thoughts.

View the template by clicking here


Your Incredible Programs Programs/ courses” Page

Life coaching website Programs / courses page

The services you provide are required. You know your product has a place and a person to sell to. Since you’ve made information about yourself and life coaching in general it’s time to narrow down to your targets. Your programs, courses, seminars, workshops or online content. Whatever you’ve decided to do it’s time to sell it. Show why you're the expert, how it will work and why your potential customers need this package in their lives.



Life coaching website Blog page

Blogs are wonderful. Companies use blogs for many things. Blogs are used to…

  • Build trust by offering strong advice at zero cost.
  • Building a following of readers.
  • Getting traffic to their website,
  • Ranking higher in search engines.
  • Being able to display content on their social media.


There are many reasons why you should blog. By giving someone a handy guide on “5 things to make your marriage last” will make a good read. This could be something that the reader is searching for. With a bit of work you’ll rank well in google and get lots of traffic to this one article. At the end you can offer your services as a life coach. If the problems are too much for the techniques in your blog, it’s time to show how your visitors there is still a fixable solution as a client of yours.

You are getting traffic and allowing people to explore more about you. Visitors are able to read more blogs that you’ve created. If you’ve created content and given advice for free. Imagine the value of your paid service. Build your following with blogs and promote them. If you are thinking about advertising on Facebook, Google, Pinterest. It is much better to advertise your blog posts than it is your homepage and let customers filter through organically.


A page to grab those wanting your service. - “Sign up” Page

life coaching website contact page


You did it!. Someone is eager to use your service. Allow yourself a page dedicate to sign ups and people interested in your service. Gaining their information is a great thing and there are a couple of ways to do this. Using a data capture form or clickfunnels

Some people may set their packages up to purchase using an eCommerce format. For selling a service that’s not always the most straightforward option. Setting up a form where the visitor is able to “sign up for a free consultation,” “Receive a free plan, ” “received a call back” You want to attract the user to signing up. While at this point no cash is received you want to give your visitors something in exchange for their details. Now that you have permission to email and call you visitors. You have much more ammunition when it comes to making your sale.


Many of my life coaching peers use a clickfunnel. A click funnel is a optimal way of capitalising on the trust you’ve built to bring great value to your potential client. Something that you’ll find out how to do later in this series For starting off I’d recommend going with a simple capture form. Include

  • Name
  • Email
  • Contact number
  • The Program they are interested in.*

*This way you can tailor your follow up email or phone call to relate to the program they are interested in. 

There you have it.

As a result, you have the perfect life coaching website for any life coach looking to build their business. From here on in you'll be able to really increase your following.

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