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Learn to build your own life coaching website with a handy step by step website tutorial and blog content allowing you to create the best life coach website.

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Create The Best Life Coach Website

Build The Best Coaching Website With This Starter kit

As a digital product designer I have had multiple life coaching clients. Through designing for life coaches I have created a website able to be tailored to ANY life coaching individual or practice. With this FREE starter kit you'll be able to...

  • Build The Best life Coach Website Yourself
  • Have Access To 5 Articles On Writing The Best Content
  • It Costs Absolutely Noting!


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Building your website can be easy. If you're willing to put the time as side you'll be able to create and complete the best life coach website today.


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Design Secrets To Grow Your Life Coaching Business

What You Need To Include

Learn what you need in your website to build trust with visitors.

Design That Builds Trust
  • Learn how you can build trust with your visitors and turn visitors into clients. Use tricks and tips from other successful life coaches. Use their strategies to build the best life coach website
Life Coaching Homepage Cover

7 Things Every Life Coaching Homepage Must Have

You In A Page

Learn how to summaries everything about your business in a page. 

What Builds Trust

How to create a homepage which impacts your visitors and allows them to learn about how your life coaching will impact their lives.

homepage making first impression

Create The Best First Impression With Your Visitors.

3 Second Rule.

Make an Impact within milliseconds to get visitors staying longer on your page

Heading, Subheading and Images. What to do?

What do I write and which images do I pick? Find out how to create a great first Impression.

Capitalise on a Great First Impression From Your Homepage

Capitalise And Turn Visitors Into Clients.

Menus, Buttons and All things Related to Converting!

How to structure your menus and clickable links to allow easy Access around your life coaching website.

Keeping It Simple

Make it easy for visitors to become clients. 

Best Stock Image Websites for Life Coaches!

Use For Free

Find out where to get incredible images at no cost for your life coaching website.

Organise Your Images

Find out how you can get photos from many different categories or from a particular colour scheme.

Best WordPress plugins every life coach should have!

Very Best Plugins

From spell checkers to online bookings. Find out which plugins you should get for your incredible life coaching website!


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