website built by you | way to make money from your fitness blogMaking money from personal training can be great but can also be difficult at times. You may find yourself low on clients after having many great ones.

Well, all the work you’ve previously placed into your clients doesn’t have to result in just the sum you’ve earned from that one person. As you get your online presence nailed down there are some great ways to make more money from the content you’ve already created.

By setting up your business online you’ve opened yourself into a world of people looking to buy exactly what you’ve possibly already made. You’ve opened your client base from your driving distance up to a global audience.


So here are a few tips you can make money online as a health and fitness coach.


Selling a personalised program.

Programs are great for anyone doing any kind of fitness. (I don’t need to tell you this) But what you’re offering on a one on one level may be what someone else is looking for without the need of you standing over them in the gym.

So perhaps you’ve written a program for a former client of yours. Well, make more money off that work and distribute that program for online visitors who could benefit from using it.

A program created by for someone to shed weight may just be what someone is looking for with regards to their body type.  You’ll be able to help someone get pointers and tips related to them knowing that what works for some won’t work for everyone.


Selling a personalised diet.

Selling your program is one thing. To get a boost on your competition you may look to include a diet as well for your online world. Things that again people don’t know why they aren’t achieving the results they want. Well, you’re the expert. Sell visitors on what why they need a great diet, what to add and then write them a plan to match their fitness needs and goals.

These are great topics to blog about. Sure people can figure it out for themselves. But when you sell something personalised for someone with the same body type looking to achieve the same goals then the hard work is done for you.

When your niche’s problem is related to not having the “time to organize” then creating something for them is great.

Having a Diet and Course Structure for “Eat and Train your way to adding 20kgs in mass around your 40hr week.”

The target is people who have limited time. The more time they spend googling the best diet the less time they are going to have. Do your research and use many different titles for your adverts or Pinterest pins to see which one suits best and captures your audience.

There are some great resources to creating courses such a teachable.


Using Amazon Associates.

Amazon Associates is a program where you get to refer traffic to a certain product and earn money whenever a sale is made.

This is something every fitness instructor should capitalise with online clients and offline clients. Find a range of product that you know is the best for your client or audience. For guys under 70kgs, it can be difficult to put on mass. As you write your program invite them to buy “Generic Mass Gainer” and include your Amazon associates link. Whenever someone clicks on the link and buys that product, you’ll earn yourself some commission for that sale.

Here you go. Buy this protein I recommend for you by clicking here!

Commissions in Amazon vary up to 10% so it may not seem much now. You might only get $3 back for a sale. But let’s say you sell 100 courses recommending that product then you’re able to make an extra $300 from a $30 sale on top of the program you’ve sold. And you might have multiple different products you’re selling throughout your program.

Maybe a blog post on the latest Fitbit. Get traffic from all over the world and you’ll be creating revenue from a blog post you’re not even touching after it’s written.

You can even make money from this when doing one to one coaching. Email your client a link to the product you recommend. Then you earn yourself money on products they’re planning to buy. Tell them to go to your website and buy the product from Amazon via your website. If they’re your personal client tell them you’ll make money back. They’ll get a bargain and you’ll make money. everybody is happy!

So there are many ways to make money online as you work one on one with your clients.

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