Time to make your ideal customers fall in love with your before they’ve met you! It all starts with your life coaching homepage.

Having a website is super important for a life coach. Whether you using social media, clickfunnels, pinterest boards. Having a website ties all your promotion together. Your website is a place visitors can discover and learn about your services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your homepage is the face of all that’s in your website. So lets look at what you’re looking to place in your life coaching homepage

This is a real in depth guide to creating a first impression from your life coaching homepage.

Previously I wrote Create The Homepage Making The Best First ImpressionBelow I’ve related how you can achieve the results as a life coach.

Making Your First Impression With Your Life Coaching Homepage

When it comes to your life coaching website your homepage becomes the part when you’ve got to make a great first impression! Within 3 seconds a visitor will have made up their minds whether they will stay on your website or leave to see what your competitors have to offer.

So making a first impression is vital! And the way to make a first impression isn’t to show everything at once. It’s to be very brief. You’ve only got 2.9 seconds to play with. So break it down to only having 3 things at the start of your website



An Attractive Heading

You’re heading is everything you represent and want your clients to achieve in a few words. (and I mean a few words)

“Transform your life”

This is the headline from Tony Robbins. The goal he wants his visitors to believe is that ‘their lives can be transformed.’ Short, Simple but it covers a great amount in 3 words.

What is it you want your clients to feel like they can achieve?

  • “Achieve your dreams,”
  • “Feel okay with being single,”
  • “achieve the marriage you’ve dreamed of”

These make some very clear and simple headings




Your subheading is going from what the problem is to how you’re going to provide the solution.

If you’re a life coach for people feeling like they are stuck in a low paid job with a mortgage your subheading may read something like…

“Move forward leaving your financial worries behind you.”

You’re showing your visitors what they can achieve with you. (and soon you’ll show them how)


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Choosing an image for the front of your life coaching homepage has to be something that relates to what you’re talking about.

For Your Hero Image. Make sure Your Image falls into one of these 5 categories

  • Your Service – A photo of you. You are the service
  • Someone using your service – A client during a coaching session
  • Physical content – If your program is a physical product or content but not a service. (this would be a rare pick for life coaches)
  • A photo of your providing your service – A photo of you leading a session or seminar
  • The end result of someone using your service. – How you want your clients to look after using your services (successful small business, Happy marriage) *nothing too cheesy though.


A picture speaks 1000 words. So use that 1000 words in your 2.9 seconds to relate to your website visitors.

As mentioned you can read more in depth about how to create the perfect first impression for any website.

Life Coaching Homepage

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Introduce Yourself.

Believe it or not your introduction is the second thing part on your life coaching homepage. Not the first. Make sure you’ve addressed the crowd before you introduce yourself.

Having a solid introduction is key to getting visitors on board with what you do. This is where you want either a short video or a quick paragraph and image.

Unless you’re a well known superstar people will have no idea who you are. So it’s important that you tell them. Address your audience, talk about yourself and how you can help your audience achieve the goals you’ve already spoken about.


Life Coaching Homepage Video Introduction



The Big Bold Question

Previously we’ve created our first impression on our life coaching homepage. We’ve address our audience and introduced ourselves. Now it’s time to sell yourself.  Continue to think about your target market and what is the problem you are trying to solve in their lives. Who’s your target and what are you helping them to achieve?


The big bold question is used to challenge your audience. What is the problem in their lives? Think back to your subheading. Instead of giving the solution we are asking the question that your ideal client has been asking themselves well before your life coaching website came along.

For a relationship coach you might be asking questions like “Has the love left your relationship?” Something striking. It a question that your target market will answer YES to. This will stand out on your life coaching homepage

“Challenge your audience”

We know that the ideal answer for having a happy marriage that answer to this question is no.. But if their answer is yes, the love has left their marriage then you want to show how using your service as a life coach their answer will turnaround. Once you’ve asked the question expand on it in a short paragraph. The important point is you’re going to provide a service that changes their answer! In the same section you’re going to provide reasons why you as a life coach can place the love back into their relationship.

I like to use 3 reasons showing how you be able to change the outcome of the answer and how you will guarantee it. Give them an overview of what the outcomes will be. A very very brief overview of your course, stats on its success, why it will work. Sell your program and sell yourself.

Life Coaching Homepage Question




So you’ve told your visitors why it will work. You’re confident that your program works. But why should your visitors take your word for it? Well let them take someone else’s word for it!

Testimonials are a great way to build up trust and show your reputation as a life coach. And there’s no better place to display your credibility on the front of your life coaching website!

Testimonials allow reader to see that your methods and service work and achieve the results you’ve been promising.

If a visitor feels they are going to be placing money into something that doesn’t work they will not buy your services. They need to see value. They need to see value that’s worth more than the price you’re asking. Which is why they need to trust you. You’ve promised a lot through your life coaching homepage so far. (And rightly so! You’ve got a lot to offer.) Make sure your testimonials hold up those promises! Make sure you testimonials come across that you’ve over delivered on what you’ve already promised.


Testimonials are perfect on your life coaching homepage. But also use them within your product sections too to give the reminder as your consumers edge towards getting in touch with you.

Life coaching Homepage testimonials



The Product

Your Product (your service) may come in many different forms. It may come in the form of a course package for 1 on 1 coaching, group coaching, an event, an online course. (I recommend building your program on choosing one of these things to begin with and master it! Expand to other forms when you’re an expert)

Now that you have resonated with your visitors. You’ve told them that you can solve the big problems they are having. Now you’re going to show visitors how you plan on achieving solving their biggest issues.

Once you’ve created your course it’s important to outline what it’s going to entail and why it’s going to work. You are primarily building up trust with your visitors. You want to be able to create something that they see as adding so much value to their lives. The more value you create the more potential clients are going to want to buy your services.

Learn To Summarise

On your homepage you want to summarise you services into just a few sentences. (yes it’s going to be short.) When it comes to your life coaching homepage you want your visitors to click that “learn more” or “continue reading” button linked to your programs. It’s important to give visitors a reason to keep reading. “A good author keeps the readers wanting more.” This is exactly what you want your life coaching homepage to show.

  • “Learn the strategy to making love last,”
  • “What you’re looking to achieve is within your reach.”

Once again Tony Robbins hit the nail on the head with the business side of his coaching.

tony robbins business page

“Insights, strategies, tools, beating the competition.” All things business owners love doing!

Once the reader presses “learn more” they dive into a page full of content and resources of how they can be successful and grow in many different business aspects.

Life coaching website Programs / courses page



Create The Rest Of Your Website and Watch The Tutorial

All the screen grabs from this article are from my life coaching website design. I have created a life coaching website to be used by any life coach. Learn how to create this website with this step by step video absolutely FREE!

create a life coaching website cover


Since you’re life coaching homepage is complete and looking spectacular learn These Life Coaching Website Secrets Are Going To Grow Your Business


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