Who's Helped?

Saying a big thank you to those who have helped me recently!

Thank You!

Blogging and creating a business doesn't happen on its own. I'm constantly reading blogs, taking courses, using services and having conversations in order to make my business better and better.

Every two weeks I'm going to be saying thank you to those who've helped me out so they can get the praise they deserve and you can check them out and learn the same lessons and utilise amazing resources.


Last week blogging expert Eden invited followers for a 1 on 1 skype call to help us with our blogs. For her to give up her time to help was greatly appreciated as she went above and beyond to help me out. Not only did I have an incredibly informative 15 minute skype with Eden. She took time to create a detailed plan about how I can increase my following and revenue allowing me to create more great content for you all! Her planning was incredible and she's dramatically helped shape the face of my blog.

Eden has so much great content so don't be surprised to see her pop up here frequently. Check her out and subscribe to her amazing content at edenfried.com/blog


Jill Curran | Sightseer


You may have noticed some photos of me popping up all over the show. That's all thanks to the super talented Jill!

Founder of Sightseer, Jill has become my go to for all my photography and videography needs. Last week we spent a few hours photographing my good self around Belfast. Thanks to Jill, I've been able to add some great self-promotional material for increasing my following. She's truly amazing!

You can hire Jill for yourself! Check out sightseervideo.com

Brian Dean | Backlinko

As you've seen I've made a few video tutorials available for you to watch right now! (but first read this)

Just like a blog, SEO is vital for youtube videos. But it's not all as straight forward as it first seems. Brian Dean creator of backlinko takes the hassle out of figuring out youtube's SEO and places it into one very simple and extremely helpful guide! It's been super helpful and easy to follow! As I'm going back over all my videos to make them more SEO friendly and will be using this guide when shooting my next ones. *cough*This Wednesday, don't forget! *cough*

You can read the guide here! Make sure you subscribe to Brain's email list to get some great tools on SEO and hassle free link building! Thank you for your help Brian! http://backlinko.com/video-seo-guide