Life Coaching Plugins | Life coaching Woman | Website built by youWhen you’ve got your website functioning and life coaching business that’s booming, life can get pretty busy. Updating your website, social media, emails, organising clients are all issues that could always be faster. When there’s a will there is a way! So here are the WordPress Plugins for Life Coaches. Streamline your coaching Business and your coaching website in 2017!

1.  Jetpack

Jetpack enables you to kickstart your website with many handy tools and features. With Jetpack, you’re able to see you traffic for the day, where it’s come from but importantly Jetpack makes sure that your website is backed up. There’s nothing worse than losing all your terrific content. JetPack gives you a free version to give you access to their SEO insights, stats, traffic insights and a basic security protection. $3 a month gets your website backed up! Easy As!

Make sure you get Jetpack. Give it a go and start to see insights and security added to your website! This is one of the most important WordPress Plugins for Life Coaches

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2.  Akismet

Hands up if you love receiving spam? Well, no one likes spam especially when it’s affecting the thing that’s building your brand, generating you cash, bringing you clients.

Akismet is a service which allows your website to remain protected from spamming comments on your website.

What’s beautiful is that as a one person business or blog it’s completely free! As you grow their business packages with advanced features give you greater control in avoiding spammers at all costs.

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3.  Yoast SEO

If you’re new to the game. SEO stands for search engine optimisation. Which basically means how well will your website rank on a search engine. Basically the better your SEO score is then the higher you are likely to rank in search engines like Google. SEO can be a difficult thing to learn but Yoast takes all the hassle out of it. Yoast gives you great tips to allow your blog post or web page to be ranking well on Search Engines. You’ll receive tips from Yoast of what text you will need on your website, what needs fixing and where to place your keywords.

You chose the keyword or search term you want your audience to search for to find your article. Then Yoast takes care of it all guiding you to optimising your content.

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4.  Google XML Sitemap Generator

Sounds technical hey? It’s not so no need to worry yourself. When setting up your website it’s important and so vital to have your website listed on google. The XML plugin is a handy way to take some of the difficult work out of the setup.

Getting registered on Google’s search engine can seem complex. But follow this simple guide from Madlemings to use both Yoast and XML to register your website with Google.

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5.   W3 Total Cache

When adding content to your website you’ll start to realise that the more content you add the longer it will take your pages to load. Even if you take some of the content away, you’ll end having a slow load time. Cache is a term used to store something temporarily. W3 basically managed to show all your web pages but removing the unwanted data that’s no longer there.

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6.  MailChimp for WordPress

Having MailChimp to create your mailing list is something every blogger should use. If you’re using MailChimp then “WordPress Plugins for Life Coaches” can’t exist without the MailChimp for WordPress plugin. It Allows you to sync any contact forms to MailChimp. New subscribers are added directly into MailChimp from your website with this plugin. Saving you weeks of time sourcing all your subscribers individually. This plugin allows keeps the automated always of MailChimp in tack

Create different mailing lists and streamline from subscribers to emails.

New to MailChimp? Sign up here and get free emails sent to your first 2000 subscribers.

For the plugin. Get Started with MailChimp for WordPress by clicking here


7. Pinterest Pin in It Button On Image Hover

Using Pinterest is a great way to market your website for zero cost! I was able to grow my traffic instantly when using Pinterest. Furthermore, if your website is full of creating images it’s so valuable to have your website setup in such a way that your visitors can immediately save your images to their Pinterest boards creating a link to your website! Setting up this Pinterest pin really helps with growing on Pinterest. The beauty is you’re doing none of the work as visitors save your images to their boards! Neat right?

If you haven’t signed up for Pinterest yet then click here to register. (Little hint. Most of my traffic comes from Pinterest!)

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8.  Duplicate Post

When creating a website you may have created a layout you’re extremely proud of and want to replicate for another page. (For example, the layout for my starter kits are all very consistent) Duplicate Post can save you hours in replicating a design you’ve built up. Just duplicate the post and edit your new page. Just make sure you go through and change the text. Google isn’t a fan of duplicate text.

Duplicate posts are great when using a WordPress page build like “Stack with Variant Page builder”. (This crisp website is made from Stack with Variant Page Builder.)

Get Started with The Duplicate post tool by clicking here


9.  Post Type  Switcher

Creating a new page on WordPress comes with a number of options. We can create a page, post, portfolio. When creating your website or adding new content we can all get a little sloppy especially in the darker hours of the day. Or maybe have a change of mind when it comes to organising your pages. A blog post, a new page, a portfolio piece. Take out the regret and save yourself time by being able to quickly transfer your page. Turn on of your pages into a blog post instantly with this little hack.

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 10.  Monster Insights.

When looking at who’s visited your page it’s so valuable to have the data and see where that traffic has come from. Using monster you can easily see which traffic source such as Facebook, Pinterest, twitter is sending your the most traffic to your website. All the little bit of extra data can really help you determine how you’re going to grow.

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11.  Ultimate Social Icons

When you’ve spent hours writing a great blog post you want word to get around. Allow your viewers to quickly share your blog to their social media platforms by adding this crafty tool. Ultimate social media Icons will allow you to set up the platforms you want your page to be shared on. Your viewers can share your post with the touch of a button. Easy peasy.

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12. Online Booking – Birchpress

BirchPress is a terrific plugin for organising your schedule and setting yourself up for online booking. Allow your clients to schedule appointments with you during designated windows that you’ve set. You’re able to sync your calendar to show off your availability to the world. This way you’re avoiding back and forth emails to make an ideal appointment with your client wasting your day away. Birchpress allows you to set up reminders so your clients don’t forget about your service as well as receiving online payments making sure you’re receiving your money up front. So if you’re looking to speed up and streamline your organisation you’ll be able in great hands with Birchress.

Now, Birchpress is excellent value. The cost is $99 – $249 depending on your business size and if you want to include online payments. I can guarantee you if scheduling appointments is a hassle it’s very much worth investing in.

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12.1.  Booking Calendar

If you are new the life coaching scene you may find BirchPress doesn’t quite fit your budget for what you’re looking for. You may find you don’t need all the features right away.

You have two options either you can take BirchPress test drive using their Free trial or you can get the Booking Calendar Plugin.

The booking calendar plugin is a much more no fluff basic calendar plugin. The plugin allows your visitors to create an appointment with you during your allocated slots. Booking Calendar doesn’t have payment integration like BirchPress. Booking calendar is great If you’re looking to dip your toe in the water of online booking before moving over the BirchPress.

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